The road to success starts putting right man to the right job, Somaliland port authority manger (Saed Hassan) is bridge and a ladder that connects Somaliland people from each other
April 22, 2019 - Written by mandheera news

The road to success starts putting right man to the right job, Somaliland port authority manger (Saed Hassan) is bridge and a ladder that connects Somaliland people from each other

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. A dream become true only through determination, hard work and sincerity to make work improvement. Our dreams can succeed only had we get the courage to pursue them. Experiences proved Somaliland port authority manger (Said Hassan) is the right person for the right job as has developed the right skills to improve the port operations as success is connected with our actions .

No matter what is the job you are you are doing, your skills makes it easier for you to succeed in your work.
No wonder, Berbera port operations have extremely improved with the cooperation of DP world expertise management over the last 18 months as port operations have greatly revolutionized in view of implementation port new technology for port operations, new skills, performance renovation and time management. The port operations has developed a vision, values driven team to meet their customers’ demands. Work success is a potent combination of strategy and character. Saed is work addicted person as hard work is a concept is something everybody must value. Hard work spotlights the character of people.
The size of our success is measured by the strength of our desire, the size of our dreams and the foundation stone for success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty. Our success in life start the commitment to become excellent. Quality Leadership mean good attitude, integrity and work ethics. Saed is known these above positive attributes. He is a person with positive attitude as good attitude is great part of our success.
Above this, he is the person that all time advocates uniting his people. He is the person who prohibited his tongue, his mind and his heart any word divides his people. Saed all the time cultivates the seed of unity among his people to produce people with shared vision, shared interest, shared density and common future. He is uniting factor for his people as where there is unity there is always victory. There is beauty and power in unity. All opinions are not equal; some are a very great deal than other. Saed is a person who filled his mind and his heart with positive thoughts as positive thinking is the first step to setting our mind to focus the bright side of ideas. He is the person that pleases our hearts and our minds as the time which is a rare to many. In fact, Saed is a person who entitle to label as true voice of Somaliland.
Positive thinking develops strengthening our mind. It means seeing the good side of every good thing. Positive thinking means positive outlook. Creating positive outlook leads to better outcomes. Our mind is very powerful as it develops the type of person we are. Saed is a person with good feeling as our thoughts are the shadows of our feelings. As standard, positive feelings come from honest heart. Saed proved the sincerity of his people and his country as the test of good citizenship is loyalty to country. Zooming up, Somaliland port authority manager, Said Abdillahi Hassan is true citizen of his country (Somaliland) as he fulfilled the role true citizen.

Ismail Lugweyne

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